Two past companies we have had at March of the Droids are returning and we couldn’t be happier to have them both back!

Honor and ASUS.

Most of you know Honor in the Android community will bring their amazing enthusiasm and energy to Motd. With T-Shirts a plenty no doubt and more. Wilkin and James are no stranger to March of the Droids, the Honor blue will be in Reading to see you all and I’m sure some of you maybe even rocking an Honor or two. Plus with Paul O’Brien already confirmed, who knows what will be at hand with their close relationship.

Also coming along will be ASUS. They’ve not been with us since Birmingham in 2015 and we loved having them then, but we haven’t been able to get them back until now. We are happy to welcome them back with open arms. Bringing some goodies and things to play with, ASUS will give you attendees a look at what they have currently and more.

Now, with only a couple of weeks to go, get those tickets!