At March of the Droids 2017 we want to bring you something that will showcase Android from its humble beginnings to the present day.

The History of Android stand.

Continuing on with using your feedback, we want to bring a few different things next year that’ll keep you busy and interested as the day flows on with fun. The History of Android stand will showcase devices and Android versions ranging from its earliest days to now. We will also try to get some of the more different devices that OEMs brought out for everyone to see. We know some of you haven’t been with Android since the start; maybe you converted late, or are a little younger. Perhaps like some of us you’re getting to old to remember. So whether it’s to actually get hands on with good memories or check out what Android was like years ago and marvel at its evolution, we want to bring that to Reading!

We have been working on getting a few devices ready between us and friends, but really to make this a reality we will need your help!

We need devices for the day, old ones as well as newer, to help us make this special hands on experience happen!

Contact us using this form, or reach via Twitter, if you have any old devices you can spare us, preferably Nexus devices or anything different, like 3D phones, that you may feel will help. Everything will be accounted for, treated like our own and put towards this great experience. Devices will be returned.


The History of Android Contact Form