March of the Droids 2017 date & location decision process officially starts here and now. After collating your survey responses, Twitter feedback and spoken word, we are setting the ball rolling to let you know where we will all be marching to in 2017. We have carefully selected three possible locations, and next week we will post on each in depth, before having a final vote that will include you guys as well. As this time round we feel you matter more than ever.

Now, without further ado, the three locations (in no order or preference) are…



Sitting further east than we have marched before, Bedford is easily accessible by road, train and flight. A hub of technology, we feel it’s a fine choice.


One of the largest towns in the UK, sitting in the East Midlands of England. Again, further East, but we feel a good choice that also suits to our needs for 2017.


That close to London we might get a nosebleed! Reading would be a fine substitute for actually venturing into the capitol itself and keep ourselves out of the big LDN still.

We will put our cases forward for each location next week with a public vote following as well. We want to go forward with your feedback, opinions and choices making an impact with MotD. The 2017 location will be one of these, and it will be helped to be picked by you!

Join the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #MotDLocation to air your views throughout, we will continue to listen!