When we first started planning for MotD 2016 in Edinburgh, we expected to have to deal with all the usual problems of putting an event together, just the same as any other year. Due to a massive opportunity everything was blown out the water and planning soon became a nightmare. We were actually a little behind with planning when Matteo came back from the BABBQ Europe in Amsterdam with some amazing news; The IDEAA team were interested in joining forces to help push MotD to the next level. With hindsight we probably jumped in to quick, not because any of us had any doubts about the partnership, but simply because of how soon it was before the event. Seeing pictures and reading the reports from the Big Android Barbecue has long been something we have wanted to recreate in the UK so you can’t really blame us for making the decision we did. The upshot is that the organisation process fell further behind and there was a little confusion as well. This meant that tickets went on sale a LOT later than we wanted, which isn’t the best for letting you guys arrange travel, accommodation and holiday time if needed. We can guarantee that for MotD 2017 it won’t happen again.


One of the things that IDEAA brought was the introduction of a second day. The code kitchen was completely new to us as an event and we weren’t really sure how the day would go. If we’re being honest we could have done better. Information for the day was slow getting out and it affected some attendee’s preparation. Having now experienced it, we can once again commit to ensuring that we have learned, and will improve for 2017 if we have a second day code kitchen. The day was far from a dead loss and we’re sure that Lewis McGeady is happy with the WileyFox phone he won courtesy of Clove Technology. We also got to hear some fantastic insights into Amazon from one of their technology evangelists, Mario Viviani, who also returned on the Saturday.


We returned to more familiar territory on the Saturday as we brought our own brand of talks and chat to Edinburgh. Welcoming you all in with name badges, refreshments and SWAG from all over, things kicked off from the get go.

Our line up of speakers was impressive we like to think, starting with an incredibly in depth keynote from Steve Kondik on the upgrade process for Cyanogen whenever a new version of Android falls. It’s a subject that all Android fans care about and Steve did a great job explaining what was involved. Having a star from the Android community in our lineup was great, plus giving everyone more scope on what actually goes into the process may keep the screams for the newest flavour away. Probably not though, you inpatient Droid fans. Along with the keynote, Steve and his team also brought along some cool SWAG with them, which went super fast.


Next to the podium was Wilkin Lee from Honor UK to go over the latest product lines from the company. He loves showing off Honor on stage, in video and showing off products with enthusiasm we all want to hear and see. We had Wilkin and Honor last year to popular feedback, so we had to get them back again. They brought plenty to play with on their demo stand as well, some SWAG, and of course, a shed load of T-Shirts. Oh, plus a cool new hairstyle. Check out our gallery and you’ll see. He’s an Honor man through and through. Trust us!


After Wilkin, our very own Matteo Doni took to the stage with his Skyscanner hat on (it was actually a hoodie, but we won’t split hairs) and delivered a talk as a last minute standing in for his colleague, and a fine job he did. We also had the SkyScanner competition that also showcases the companies app superbly. We think he mentioned they’re hiring, too! 😉


Mario Viviani then spoke about creating apps for the Amazon fire platform and the services they are making available for developers. Full of in depth information on the Amazon platform, tools available , and how to get the best out of it all. Mario was great on the day, answering questions superbly as well for budding developers in attendance, plus giving away some Fire TVs as well.


XDA were represented on the day by Matthew Brack, and he shared information regarding some cool new technology in NFC implants. Matthew has these himself implanted, we see him in 2015 and this time he expanded even more on the advancements of this cool NFC area.


Honor UK took a second slot with long time MotD regular James Pearce giving us a talk on community and custom ROM development for Honor devices. Which also see an exclusive piece of news in Modaco providing custom ROMs for the Honor 5x and Honor 7. We love Honor and James shared with us information and about Honor’s involvement in what we love, the community.


After all the talks and lunch courtesy of Three UK, we gave away a barrel load of prizes. These were courtesy of Three UK, Clove Technology, Honor UK, Fireflex Vinyls, Amazon Appstore, Asus and a few attendees as well. Along with all those mentioned the day was made so much better with the help given by Ste Boyd (Droid Horizon), Craig Bradshaw (Mobile Tech Talk) and a whole host of other regular attendees chipping in with us when needed. Plus a shout out to Matthew Brack from XDA and NFC Implant speaker for helping us immensely in the social media aspect in RTs, Favs and utilising XDAs Twitter accounts outreach in that area. We actually managed to get the #MotD2016 hashtag trending on Twitter over the whole day, which we felt was a big achievement in our progression as an event.


After the show we were all treated to more than a few liquid refreshments courtesy of Cyanogen Inc, and it was great to see so many manage along to the bar to carry on the more social aspect of the weekend.
Overall, despite the additional pressure and work we took on, we would say the event was a great success. Sure there were some lessons to be learned but the comradery of the community is what MotD is all about, and once again it came to the fore. We’d like to thank everyone who came along, everyone who helped, and all the companies, developers and enthusiasts that make MotD so great. We like to say… Our aim is to entertain, educate and give you a chance to make some real life friends. We all did, we hope you did and we can’t wait to see you again, or for the first time, at MotD 2017.