First off, let me apologise for the click bait.

Last week you may have noticed that we put out a series of posts detailing 3 options for where March of the Droids will be heading in 2017. We spent some time matching up where people voted for when given free choice on an earlier survey, overlaid this on to a map of rough location for where our attendees tend to come, and considered accommodation and travel costs. This led us to Bedford, Reading and Northampton.

Without much further mumbling from me, the vote has come back with the majority voting for Reading, with 57% of the votes.

March of the Droids 2017 Location Vote - Google Forms

Vote Results

If you missed the vote somehow, it is still open. We detailed in the survey announcement that whilst we are going to do everything we can to head where you have voted, the outcome of the poll and your feedback from other avenues could end up not being our final choice. If things really do go south we will look back at your feedback, and the continued results of this poll, to see where the backup location could be.

Hopefully we will see you all next year at Reading. It’s time for us to work on getting everything sorted so please stay tuned for more information. We’ll work on announcing info on twitter and our blog as things progress.