We have come a long way since our first get together held in the upstairs room of The Piper bar in Glasgow. Back then hosting an event which had participation from three major Android OEM’s and also representation from the biggest Android site around was pie in the sky stuff, but we managed it.

Recently we have been in talks to help March of the Droids take another massive step forward and I am pleased to announce that MotD2016 will be held with the assistance of IDEAA (International Developer Education and Advocacy Alliance) who run the BABBQ. This help will have a massive benefit for us and you. Firstly we will be in a position to put on a far larger event and attract more top names from the world of Android, and secondly we will be running a code kitchen for all levels on the Friday before the main exhibitors day. We recognise that for some the exhibitors day won’t hold much sway, and for others development isn’t their thing, so tickets can be purchased for each individual day or as a discounted package for both. (Ticket sales will be opening up very soon!)

One of the behind the scenes changes we have had to implement is that we have registered company to run the event (MotD Ltd). March of the Droids has always been a not-for-profit event, and that will continue with the incorporation of the new company, and indeed has been written into the company articles.

All of these changes should ensure that March of the Droids has a brighter future and that we can run the best event possible for all our contributors and attendee’s.

We will posting details of exhibitors and speakers for the main day, and also set-up and participants for the Code Kitchen in the upcoming weeks.