Before we go into 2013’s #MarchOfTheDroids event, lets take some time to look back on the success of #GlasDroid

This was posted on Free Your Android the day after the event:

As you are all probably aware, yesterday was the Glasdroid event in Glasgow-the brain child of our very own Gary Weldon (@ubuntubhoy) and hosted by Land of Droid and ourselves.  It was the first informal meet-up for Android fans in Scotland… ever.  The turn-out was great, as was the support from the Android community.

This was a great chance for people who love the little green robot to meet and talk about it without blocking everyone’s twitter feed in the process.  We made new friends and I managed to actually meet my Editor in Chief, which was cool. Oh, there also may have been some drinks involved too…

As for the prizes, 4 lucky winners walked away with 32GB Blackberry Playbooks and almost everyone who was there got to take home either a t-shirt from XDA, HTCdev, or one of the amazing cases from our friends at Cruzerlite.  The people at were nice enough to add some assorted goodies to the pot as well, which really added to the party, and when Small World offered to make jewellery, it gave us a chance to bring out our creative side via crayons!

Thanks to rapidNFC, we got to hand out NFC stickers to everyone that showed up to play around with.  They also got to try a new technology (which was also exciting for me) which allowed us to dish out prizes using the tags as a lucky dip!  And big thanks to Three UK for supplying their Android line-up for all those who haven’t had a chance to play with the new tech.

And last but not least, I would like to thank you guys.  The guys who just wanted to come and talk to people about your passion and to share it with us all!  Keep an eye on @glasdroid because I think we may see even more events from them in the future.

Thanks Gary!