Before we go into 2013′s #MarchOfTheDroids event, lets take some time to look back on the success of #GlasDroid

This was posted on Land of Droid shortly after the event:

It’s now been 3 days since I attended Glasgow Android (or GlasDroid as it’s now more commonly known) with our very own Tony Parkinson. To say the event was a HUGE success would be under selling it.


I’m pretty sure you all know how GlasDroid came about but for those who don’t here is a little snippet from the official site.

Every time I use the internet to chat to others within the community, there is always a want to actually get together in person, and share a few laughs over a beer or two. A couple of months ago I got the chance to do just that at an event in Edinburgh organised by HTC & O2, it was a good night (with a free bar & a free handset why would it not be) and a met some decent people. Over the last couple of weeks the idea of meeting up again has been running around my head, so one Tuesday morning asked John from Land Of Droid if he fancied meeting up again and I would bring a couple of the guys who use VillainRom IRC. We decided that it would be nice touch to see if anyone else in the Glasgow area with a passion for Android fancied coming along as well, so put it out over twitter.

So basically it was originally meant to be a drunken day out were we could talk our wee mouths off about Android with fellow enthusiasts but that wasn’t to be, oh no…

Suddenly folk from all over the UK are heading up to Glasgow to have a good old chinwag over a bucket of beer. Sponsorship is coming in thick and fast from companies big and small. To say it has grown beyond anything I had ever hoped for would be a major understatement. The Android community never ceases to surprise me, offers of help have come from all over.

Yep, it was now an event, no longer a day out and a drinking session…

When I got to the event around 3pm (I was a tad late) there were already approximately 30 people in the room which if I’m being honest, looked loads in the size of the space we had.

12 - 1 (1)12 - 1 (2)12 - 312 - 512 - 612 - 812 - 9

I was instantly greeted by event organiser, Garry Weldon who took me to the area of the room that he had chosen to be the event area.

Once I got the phones in that @ThreeUK sent up to us and got the webcube set up it was time to say hello to some folk… I was stunned to see a gentleman sitting in the corner of the room with a black Land of Droid T-Shirt on who I later realised was the first ever buyer of our official t-shirts.


Some faces caught my eye in the event corner – Our very own Tony Parkinson who had travelled up from Manchester, former Land of Droid team member Ross Mclardy who had came a lot further with his 4 devices (and never without a Cider) and our very own Darren McConachie who travelled through from Edinburgh.


That alone would have sold me, a day with two guys I had spoke to and worked with for a year and Garry who was a travel partner to the Edinburgh event and who considers me a Miss Daisy (long (or very slow) story).

I then bumped into none other than BeeAndroid’s Alan McGarrity and one of the writers (or owner) of AndroidDoes.

This was an event full of highly regarded folk in the Android Community (I mean I was there).. people like

  • Nathan Russell (Founder of VillainRom and FreeYourAndroid)
  • Alex Boag-Munroe (XDA Developers and FreeYourAndroid)
  • James Bricknell (Co-Editor of Free Your Android, Presenter on XdaTV and guest host on the TechFoolery podcast)

Of course that list is not very extensive and doesn’t even cover half of the folk there but it’s getting late and I have sore fingers. Lets just say I met a lot of folk that I talk to online daily and who I consider friends which was the best part of the event for me.

With BraindeadApe showing off their current and upcoming games and Jordan Craig showing of his awesomely awesome home screen, which won him one of 4 playbooks that were given away, it was clear that the day was no longer just a piss up.

It absolutely astounded me that we had people travelling from as far South as Portsmouth and as far North as Inverness for this event… it shows just how amazing the Android Community really is.

The day of course could not have been made so great without donations from Clove Technology, Three UK, HTC Dev, Blackberry Dev, CruizerLite, RapidNFC, SmallWorld, ThinkGeek, XDA Developers and last but by no means least, Gary Weldon, the brains behind the day who with James Bricknell ensured that everyone who attended went home with a goodybag filled with treats.

The planning has now started for GlasDroid2013 so stay tuned to here and Free Your Android for more details as we get closer to the event.

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